! Без рубрики Let me make it clear more Miranda Payne

Let me make it clear more Miranda Payne

Miranda PayneParents: Jeffery (dad) and Sondra Lucas (Mother) Siblings: Julia Lucas kids: Christian Payne Stepchildren: Calvin Payne Jr. Past In Laws: (Ella Payne (Mother-In-Law), Curtis Payne (Father-In-Law), C.J Payne (Cousin-In-Law), Janine Payne (Cousin-In-Law) Malik Payne (second Cousin-In-Law), Jazmine Payne (second Cousin-In-Law), Jayden Payne (second Cousin-In-Law). Hayden Payne (second Cousin-In-Law)

History [ edit | edit source ]

  1. Miranda Payne is portrayed by Keisha Knight Pulliam. She plays a constantly working mom whom complains about her requires just. Miranda wasonce a con musician together with utilized Calvin for their cash. But later on when you look at the show, she threw in the towel her ways that are old had dropped deeply in love with Calvin. She and Calvin married when you look at the period for summary in a joint-wedding with C.J and Janine. A lot of Calvin and Miranda’s dilemmas started in period 5 and escalated through period 6, whenever she had been considered to have an infant but unveiled to Calvin which were had been no child after she came back from disappearances. In period 7, Miranda had Calvin’s son Christian, and raises him along side Calvin Jr, their stepmother. She actually is the caretaker of Christian additionally the stepmother of Calvin Jr. When you look at the show finale, Miranda asked Calvin for a divorce proceedings after wanting to commemorate the marriage anniversary with Janine, Calvin, C.J,and Curtis.
  2. Additionally whenever Miranda divorced with Calvin she did not tell why as a result of they family period.
  3. On Season 9 episode 6 Miranda would go to C.J and Janine’s home. Janine foretells Miranda during the divorce or separation and she pointed out that after her and Calvin got hitched he had beenn’t committed but ever because they planned one obtaining a breakup he got a great task and it is committed. Miranda informs Janine that she offered him the condo if they first got hitched nevertheless now they are obtaining a breakup she desires him to begin having to pay more on youngster help but Calvin declines stating that he does not have the amount of money. Janine assumes it is revealed by Miranda that Calvin makes $128,000 a year but Calvin is only offering her $1,000 a month on child support that he is broke but. Janine asks her in the event that cash is on her behalf or even the child because Miranda makes a complete lot significantly more than Calvin. Miranda is upset by that thinking that Janine is using Calvin’s side. Janine states that she isn’t, Miranda is mostly about to leave in rips and she apologizes for arriving at her but Janine comforts saying that she’s got absolutely nothing to be sorry about.

Antagonist sides [ edit | edit source ]

She went into Calvin’s household and tossed the towel on the ground and did not also choose it.

She went into Floyd’s barbershop and was gonna tear along the barbershop

she informs everyone what you should do

She bosses everybody around.

she would not allow Calvin’s friends spend time together with them

She yelled at Ella

She disrespected Ella

She talk back once again to Ella.

She measures away on Calvin

She endured Calvin up.

She threatened to own a abortion whenever Calvin don’t want her to.

Appearance [ edit | edit source ]

== Miranda can be A us girl that is little in stature with curves and slender eyes and a pointed nose and full lips. Her eyes are big and tend to be a brownish. Her locks is black colored and it is often wavy, however in some episodes her hair is straightened. She constantly has her feet done, and has now some sexy legs.

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