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The male ibexes have much larger horns than the females and can weigh up to 350 pounds. Ibexes are herbivores and eat mostly grass, leaves, flowers, and shoots from trees and bushes. Have horns that measure up to 120 centimetres, whereas it reaches up to 80 centimetres in females. Addaxes are also known as white antelopes and screwhorn antelopes. A group is led by a dominant male and has somewhere between 5-20 members in the clan.

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  • The Blackbuck weighs around 80 pounds and stands about 30 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Both male and female caribou grow antlers, although the size and presence of antlers vary by subspecies.
  • An interesting thing is, one can know how old is a Markhor by seeing its horn.
  • They are known for their massive horns that can grow up to almost 30 inches long!
  • Did you know reindeer is part of the list of 10 animals with exceptionally long migrators?
  • On this page is a list including these and many other interesting animals beginning with U, together with pictures and facts on each species.

The greater kudu is another member of the spiral-horned antelope group along with the bushbuck, eland, and addax. It is one of two species of kudu, the other being the smaller lesser kudu. They range throughout Eastern and Southern Africa, although some populations face threats due to habitat loss and poaching. Their coat appears brownish-gray or reddish-brown, with between 4 and 12 white stripes along their torso. One of the largest antelope species, males reach up to 63 inches tall and weigh between 420 to 694 pounds.

African Buffalo

Change the color of their horn to draw attention to themselves. Use the length of their horns to establish dominance, but also to attract a mate. Have ink tubes, shooting a black fluid to help them escape from predators.

Do Animals Dream?

To see wild animals caged suggests that you are in control of your instincts. Thus, to dream of a certain animal could suggest an aspect of your personality that is instinctual, hidden or striving for recognition. It could also represent a part of yourself you find hard to control. And because we often assign characteristics or personality traits to animals, dream animals may also symbolize gut feelings we have about others.

Animals In Water

In the fight with different males, the standoff can get intense. Typically, the fight is just concluded when one of many two is useless. They dwell in woodlands, savanna grasslands, and wherever close by steady water supply. Dwelling so near water normally means they’ve entry to an abundance of meals. They have an inclination to graze on the harder grasses different animals ignore. Majestic higher kudu with its long spiraling horns stuns you.

Vintage French Decorative Animal Horn Ornament

However, a small population has been reintroduced in Chad. It has a bluish-grey coat with white markings on its face, underside, and legs. The open spiral horns of the Nyala acts as a defense mechanism and also as a weapon in territorial battles. The horns of this creature are truly a piece of art bestowed upon us by nature. There is symmetry even in the ridges on the animal’s horns. These ridged horns add to the overall beauty of the creature.

They can also be used as a tool to defend against predators. Scientific NameCapra nubianaType of AnimalMammalRangeNorth AfricaDietHerbivore Horn Lengthabout 14 inches The Nubian Ibex is a goat that lives in the mountains of Africa. They are well-adapted to life in high altitudes and have long, curved horns which they use for defense against predators. Scientific NamePseudois nayaurType of AnimalMammalRangethe high HimalayasDietHerbivore Horn Length80 cm The bharal is a type of ungulate that lives in the mountains of Asia. They are related to the deer and have two horns on their head. The horns can grow up to 31 inches long but are typically smaller.

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