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Last Friday, our school was very fortunate enough to have a large number of students from Comer High School on the Northern Beaches. They presented musical items from their concert band, stage band, string band, year 7 rock band and choir. Our students were blown away by the talent of the students and professionalism of the performance. I love how at times High Schools check in with primary schools and showcase what opportunities are out there. Little ones will lovepainting with coloured ice outdoors on a sunny summer day.

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  • The magnetosphere can be much larger than the planet itself.
  • From then until the Kepler mission most known extrasolar planets were gas giants comparable in mass to Jupiter or larger as they were more easily detected.
  • For extrasolar planets, the plane, known as the sky plane or plane of the sky, is the plane perpendicular to the observer’s line of sight from Earth.
  • The ancient Greeks initially did not attach as much significance to the planets as the Babylonians.
  • The other dwarf planets with known rotation periods rotate faster than Earth; Haumea rotates so fast that it has been distorted into a triaxial ellipsoid.

This is something you can keep on a shelf as a daily reminder of a cherished loved one who is no longer lucky strike tattoo with us. With our Google Translation integration, your community can access your newsletter in ANY language. Simply scroll to the bottom of the newsletter preview to give it a try.

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The Moon, Io, and Europa have compositions similar to the terrestrial planets; the others are made of ice and rock like the dwarf planets, with Tethys being made of almost pure ice. Mimas is the smallest object generally agreed to be a geophysical planet, at about six millionths of Earth’s mass, though there are many larger bodies that may not be geophysical planets (e.g. Salacia). The prevailing theory is that they are formed during the collapse of a nebula into a thin disk of gas and dust. A protostar forms at the core, surrounded by a rotating protoplanetary disk. Through accretion dust particles in the disk steadily accumulate mass to form ever-larger bodies.


The four giant planets are orbited by planetary rings of varying size and complexity. The rings are composed primarily of dust or particulate matter, but can host tiny ‘moonlets’ whose gravity shapes and maintains their structure. Although the origins of planetary rings is not precisely known, they are believed to be the result of natural satellites that fell below their parent planet’s Roche limit and were torn apart by tidal forces. From then until the Kepler mission most known extrasolar planets were gas giants comparable in mass to Jupiter or larger as they were more easily detected. The catalog of Kepler candidate planets consists mostly of planets the size of Neptune and smaller, down to smaller than Mercury.

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In the context of the Malaysian art, the term has been initially used to describe a few artworks produced during the period of the 1990s . This paper examines the evolution of installation art in the Malaysian art scene and discusses several early works that can be proposed as the early impetus towards installation art in Malaysian artistic practices. Clear historical outlines and assertions on the evolution of installation art demand a different nature of investigation. However, this paper is only limited to examining three concurrent domains or significant turning points in order to give a more lucid insight into the evolution of installation art as an artistic practice in Malaysia. Personal expression should not be confined to only one element of your life.

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Each year we help schools raise millions of dollars to support critical art education programs. AtR consistently invests in its business and people to help more schools and more art programs every year. AtR employees regularly display Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork, Candor, and Golden Rule in all they do.

On Friday last week we had the opportunity to watch a number of the Cromer High School bands. I was blown away by their talent and dedication to their music. It was tricky to imagine that some of them were less than a year older than our year 6 students. It just goes to show that if you want to learn an instrument anyone can, if you put your mind to it. Cassie Damkoehler, the interim Brattleboro Union High School principal, greets the upperclassmen outside of the school on the first day of the new school year on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022. CouponFollow tracks coupon codes from online merchants to help consumers save money.

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